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My name is Neisi but most call me Tiny. I'm a 26 y/o Puerto Rican, born Dec. 27th in Miami, Florida and raised back and forth between there and Brooklyn, NY. I am a self-taught performance artist and manager, event curator and plant based chef. I have been cooking since I was 15 and have always enjoyed being in the kitchen. I have been meat-free for about 6 years after watching many eye-opening documentaries on Netflix such as Cowspiracy, What the Health, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, and Earthlings. At first I went vegetarian, tried to be pescatarian because I missed seafood, but after educating myself more in all areas of animal exploitation I completely went vegan. I've worked within vegan cafes, went to educational meetings and did tons of research on my own. It was important for me to finally understand what I had been doing to my body so I could treat it better and link major reasons to why most people I knew haven't had the best mental or physical health.


I believe that eating healthy and cruelty free should be accessible to EVERYONE on any budget and available in more lower-class communities. I would consider myself a dedicated activist, as I have been part of many campaigns, Marchs and community organizations. I believe that human rights and animal rights are equal so I plan to challenge the system and prove that eating humane, plant based food can be affordable as well as delicious! I offer genuine Puerto Rican inspired dishes and a variety of well-known favorites with my own special herbal blend. It is important for me to serve not only cruelty-free meals, but bio-degradable plates and cutlery as well so you can eat good and save the planet at the same time. I strive to bring awareness to the importance of supporting local and small businesses in order to preserve community and promote unity all while offering wholesome, low cost meals that will surely treat your taste buds.


I currently cater, do pop-ups throughout LA county and I host Taco N' Flow Tuesdays at Echo Park (IG @taconflow). Be sure to subscribe to find out when I release tickets to my first private 5 course meal party and show!

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